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“Millennials choose fresh roast”

The growth of the “take-away coffee” format, the filter instead of the US and fashion for the funnel of hari – Poster analyzed the purchases of Russians in coffee houses by the automation company of cafes, restaurants and shops. The study is based on non-personalized data of online cash desks of about 1000 online and independent coffee houses in Russia
Mimicry specialty coffee and mass market

According to Knight Frank, the potential of the coffee market in Russian million-plus cities is 7.6 times the current market saturation, and in Moscow – 4 times. The annual increase in the number of coffee houses of all types in Russia is on average 3%. And although a large proportion of them are still occupied by large operators and franchise points, among the mono-projects, the obvious mainstream is the author’s coffee shops, which are often referred to as “third wave coffee houses”.

Mandatory attribute of such coffee shops, focusing mainly on millennials, are fresh roasted grains, “alternative” brewing methods, high-quality equipment, professional barista, but the main thing is a more conscious approach to purchasing raw materials and making coffee.

However, those who consider themselves to be the third wave of coffee shops and sell special (specialty coffee) category in Russia have become so numerous that it is not an easy task to understand what really lies behind a beautiful name. Most lose from this are consumers, who often do not understand the relationship between price and value.

“Modern domestic coffee houses are actually catching up with what was on the Western markets 20-30 years ago. And the fastest way to integrate into reality at the moment is, for example, furious activity in social networks, and the more instagrammed the better. But, unfortunately, something is not always behind these pictures, ”says Valentina Moksunova, one of the best Russian coffee quality specialists, Q-grader, judge of the Cup of Excellence and Russian brewing and roasting championships.

“Specialty coffee is not just coffee, which scored specific points, first of all it’s about the relationship between farmers, coffee houses and the consumer. It is very important to understand who, what and why you take. In the West, these things are so worked out that they became part of the process. And when we copy the external form, they may not notice these moments, unfortunately. But as long as our market is not saturated, all this may still exist for some time and not affect the consumer’s decision whether or not to take coffee here. ”

According to Poster experts, American is still the most popular drink for guests of traditional coffee houses. Next come latte, cappuccino, espresso. The top five most preferred coffee drinks are closed by the fashionable flat white and raf, however they are chosen almost 18 times less often than Americano.

In the third wave of coffee houses in Russia, preference is given to latte, cappuccino, espresso, filter coffee, flat white and raff. American is not included in the top sales.

In all coffee houses, tea is 39 times worse than coffee.

The third wave of coffee from the traditional easy to distinguish due to the presence of various ways of brewing coffee. The word “alternative” has taken root in the Russian-speaking coffee environment, for which espresso and drinks based on it are considered traditional. In Europe and America, our “alternative” is generally called a hand brew (“cook by hand”).

According to a Poster study, in 2018, brewing coffee using the Hario V60 funnel was the most popular alternative. Not far behind him and Kepeks aeropress. So, out of ten cups brewed by these methods, six cups are brewed using hario V60, two and a half on aeropress and one and a half on chemex. Since 2017, sales of Hario V60 increased by 4%, Aeropress and Kemex fell 3% and 2%, respectively.

Active growth is shown by sales of cold bruis – coffee, which is prepared in cold water for 12-18 hours. In the summer of 2018, compared to the summer of 2017, cold brew sales in coffee shops in the third wave of Russia grew by 11%.

No – American, Yes – Filter Coffee

Today, many third-wave coffee shops in Russia are refusing to use American filter coffee, a drink made with an electric filter coffee maker. This is the same coffee that is poured from glass thermos in almost all American films. In the US, the fashion for filter coffee makers began at the beginning of the 20th century, but in Russia the drink became fashionable due to the development of special culture.

According to a study by the automation company Poster, 60% of third-wave coffee shops in Russia sell filter coffee, while in traditional coffee houses a filter machine is still a rarity. In 2018, sales of filter coffee in third-wave coffee shops in Russia grew by 7.5%.

Many small coffee shops often start without a filter machine, as the equipment is expensive. “The filter coffee maker costs about 30-40 thousand rubles, but a powerful coffee grinder is also needed to grind the beans, because an inexpensive one will quickly fail. This is from 50 thousand rubles.

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