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Ready business: advertising on the elevator button on the franchise

The company’s history begins in 2012, when a successful entrepreneur, Yevgeny Zhilenkov, came up with the idea that it was possible to advertise outside the house at home, around the elevator call button. In order to protect a bright idea from competitors, the co-founder of Business Media receives the first patent for an advertising structure with an opening for an elevator call button.

Elevator Button Advertising
Anna Kharitonova, the second co-founder and CEO of the company, took on the innovation idea. The crisis brought her into business. The story of Anna is the story of a young mother, who was faced with the challenges of the labor market, being on maternity leave immediately after graduation.

Partners immediately set a course for the benefit of the tenants. Through trial and error, they developed an advertising structure that would meet both the high security requirements that technical services impose and even more stringent market requirements. And at the same time would be profitable.

The business got on track and successfully developed. The first advertiser, the Kursk Internet provider, extended the placement for another 2 months. There were new customers. There was a question about expanding the address program and finding the optimal supplier.

Large productions do not work with small lots or call space price. To perform many types of metal bending, they need to reconfigure the equipment. Small productions do manual operations, which affects stability and quality.

To work with a good price and stable quality, it was necessary to go to large volumes of production. The solution was the launch of the “Advertising on the elevator button” franchise in 2014.

In 2017, a new bright business idea appeared, the project “Advertising on the scoreboard”. The first test of conversion with a large brand showed that this is a promising advertising platform with good performance. And again – production, refinement and improvement. And again – a patent for a utility model and the launch of the franchise.

Advertising at the entrance and on the elevator button
2018 was rich in events and awards. We held the first franchisee forum, received an international patent for advertising structures, won the “Young Entrepreneur of Russia-2018” competition in the “Innovative Business” nomination and received the award as “Best Exporter of the Year” in the “Discovery of the Year-2017” nomination.

There are several franchise business models.

Self-employment The partner independently establishes designs and places advertisers. Employees are either not attracted or only partially attracted. The business is conducted as part of a group of companies with our corporate identity.
Investment. The partner acquires the rights to do business, and all the work is performed by hired employees.
Advertising agency. Work on behalf of an existing advertising agency. Advertising on the scoreboard or elevator button is added to the list of advertising sites in order to expand the range of services. The activity is conducted on its own behalf with its own corporate style.
Regardless of the chosen business model, our partners receive:

license to use patented advertising structures in your city / territory

advertising constructions

access to the training program and knowledge base (marketing and legal materials, scripts, regulations, business processes)


CRM-system, adapted to the advertising business

brand book, franchisee book, presentation book for management companies and social advertising layouts

contacts of the management company and city advertisers

setting up cloud PBX

free design layouts (in accordance with the selected package)

contracts with federal advertisers

Franchise patents
Franchise benefits
business without competitors: an innovative advertising platform is protected by patents in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan;

at the start of the business can handle 1 person, without an office and staff in the staff;

the business is built according to the “one city / territory – one partner” model;

payback period of 6 months;

applications for placement of advertising from federal advertisers from the central office;

investment costs are limited to the amount of the lump sum fee;

the first 2 months without royalties;

regular bonuses to successful partners (a month without royalties, free designs, development and production of advertising layouts);

internal program to reduce royalties with timely payment;

the city / district site within a single federal site;

CRM-system and a special module in order not to lose a single client and increase revenue;

start-up educational courses, access to a large knowledge base and personal manager in the support department.

Net profit calculation
The Business Media company provides potential partners with a detailed financial business development plan. The financial plan is based on formulas and easily adapts to the features of the city and the planned business model.

Profitability of the project from 50%.

For example, an advertiser buys one advertising space on an elevator display for 450-550 rubles (depending on the size of the city).

Rent space, print layout and its replacement per month will cost a maximum of 130-190 rubles.

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