What are the most effective ways to protect the rights of entrepreneurs?
Every entrepreneur regularly faces violations of their rights. In a business environment, it is very important to quickly and successfully overcome these obstacles. The question arises: “What is the most…

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Own business: literary agency
At the moment, the publishing business is quite risky and has a long payback period. At the same time, the publisher is always interested in talented writers who can bring…

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Own business: literary agency
At the moment, the publishing business is quite risky and has a long payback period. At the same time, the publisher is always interested in talented writers who can bring…

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How to make money on information sites

I have long wanted to figure out how to earn Internet entrepreneurs. I remember back in 2000, I thought about how it would be nice to understand the mechanism of their earnings. But it was only after five years (!) That I finally stopped planning and moved on to actions. So the first advice that I would give to those who are interested in Internet entrepreneurship: fewer plans – more real action.

I can’t say that I didn’t try to learn more about the Internet before 2005, but I never brought my intentions to the end – there were always excuses why it wasn’t for me: difficult, incomprehensible, need special knowledge, this is business for programmers Making money on the Internet is generally a myth, and so on and so forth.

Looking back, I can say that it was not even fear that interfered, but banal laziness. It is much easier to go to the usual work, perform familiar actions, than to try something completely new without a guarantee of success.

I took up the Internet business, I was more of a necessity. By 2005, it finally came to the realization that I don’t want to spend my life more for others to earn. Around the same time, I learned that soon I will have a baby, which means that I have only half a year for radical changes :).

True thought about the Internet business did not come immediately. At first, I began to think stereotypically and figure out options for opening one of the traditional types of business. Since I am a rational person, the next step was to collect information about businesses that seemed promising to me at that moment (how much is needed to start, what is the profitability, the specifics of the business, etc.). And it turned out that it was very difficult to find this information – there was really little concrete and applied information, and the one that was there was scattered across hundreds of sites, and it was very difficult to find it.

The existing websites of business ideas were more annoyed by the abundance of delusional advice such as sewing rugs or heating kittens for money than they really helped.

It took a few more months to sort through the options, and in the end I realized that there was no longer enough time to register a firm, rent an office, hire staff, and run a business.

In addition, it’s one thing to risk the boss’s money, and another – with your savings 🙂 – I needed either one hundred percent confidence in success or a business, investments in which are close to zero 🙂

The Internet business was the perfect solution: it could be conducted from home, investments in it were ridiculous, and I was interested in the topic of Internet earnings for a long time.

Well, as soon as there was sufficient motivation, immediately, perseverance appeared, and the Internet stopped looking so complicated. Literally two months with a tutorial in my hands, I made my first website and bought my first hosting – as it turned out, there was nothing particularly difficult about this 🙂 The main thing is to stop looking for excuses and start acting.

The idea of ​​the site was also born in the most natural way – I knew exactly which site was missing from the Internet and where to get the material :). In addition, when I was the deputy editor of a business publication, I myself wrote dozens of articles on the opening of various types of businesses, which formed the basis of the new project www.openbusiness.ru.

The idea was simple – to create the most complete and applied resource about starting a business – no “ideas” – only specific businesses, with specific tips on how to start them and calculations (everything that I once looked for was unsuccessful).

Of course, the first two years of its existence it was mainly a collection of articles from other resources. On the other hand, the site visitor did not need to search for anything else – everything that was on Runet was on my site. Actually the situation has not changed now. The project is still the most comprehensive portal on this topic, plus we started to focus on the preparation of our own copyright materials.

So here’s a tip for you number two: create a website (and business) that you yourself lack. Repeat your own needs and interests – there are hundreds of thousands of people on the Internet, with similar interests, and if you cannot find a project that you would like, then they are in the same search.

You should not choose the theme of the future site, starting only from the relevance of the direction and potential profitability of the topic. Create only those projects that are of interest to you personally. Only this will help you turn the resource from ordinary stamping into a really cool project. In addition, interest in the topic will help you continue to work on it, even if the expected income will be an order of magnitude less than you expected (I will stop on income later).

Two years later I matured to the next project. In search of new articles on opening a business, I actively studied Western resources and discovered a new format for myself — websites of business ideas (my attitude to websites on Runet, which at that moment positioned myself as ideological — you already know). Western sites are amazing. And literally – it was just a firework of brilliant business ideas.

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