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Who is robbing you and your company right now

Irina Narchemashvili, CFO of the ATManagement Group, describes three ways to “leak” money from the company and explains how not to let employees steal themselves and stop stealing from themselves
Every month a business loses money that it could not lose. Incorrect work with prices, suppliers and warehouse, lack of marketing, analysis of advertising and sales funnel, poor motivation system with large salaries. Plus mistakes with finances: when we spend someone else’s, we get into bad loans or we don’t control accounts receivable.

Do not get scared. All that is higher, in varying degrees, is in each company. Yes, these are the defects of the owner and managers, with whom it is necessary to work. But the letter is not about that.

Today we will talk about those who are stealing from your company right now. And this is not the gloomy men in masks, revealing the safe with cash. Speech about your employees! And do not rush to throw stones at me.

I know that loyal, kind, dedicated people who never steal will work in your company. But, firstly, even in my experience there were situations when I trusted a person, and then I was deceived harshly. And, secondly, not always the theft of employees – it is a theft in the literal sense of the word. Most often this does not happen on purpose, so that even the employee himself remains in ignorance.

How so? Let’s see! I will talk about three variants of thefts, and in the end I will give one cure for everyone.

Option number 1. You steal

If the employee quietly tries to “tyrit” the goods from the warehouse or money from the cash register. If he is trying to write off the “extra” products in his pocket or negotiate rollbacks with the supplier, then this is literally a theft.

Zasukukali? Dismiss and do not be fooled by excuses. The issue of damages can be resolved peacefully, or with the police through the courts. Here as it would be desirable more.

Option number 2. You “steal” in quotes

This is when a company is robbed by asking for money for an inefficient item of expenditure. And either they do not understand this, or see point one.

Here are some examples of how this happens.

The manager did not notice that the supplier raised the price, or did not attach any importance to this. You received a bill for a large amount, you signed and lost money for the “parka”. The marketer pays advertising on Facebook every month, but does not notice that for half a year it does not pay off. He keeps carrying you bills, and you pay. The secretary buys the office “kilograms”, but the company does not need so much. The office manager’s bedside table has become a warehouse of pens and paper, but we continue to order. You will laugh, but I had a client who had paid for the Internet for several months at the old address from which the company had moved out. Just a sysadmin tied his card, and the money was written off every month.

See whether you are paying for something you have not used for a long time or for something that does not bring financial returns.

Option number 3. robbed themselves

The owner often faces a difficult choice: what to pay first – advertising or credit? Salary or rent? And a million “or-or” that somehow arise, because there is not enough money for everything.

So, in order to have enough money for at least important, you need to correctly prioritize. Computer breaks down. The employee asks to buy a new one. Buy one? Unlike the previous item, this is a target expense that will need to be paid. You can only buy a new computer, and then understand that we lack, say, advertising. And you can take an old laptop from a friend. And only when the money will be on the computer, buy a good replacement.

Do you understand what is the point? The owner often pays the employee who shouts “louder” and eventually steals from himself. This week we pay for very important office, cookies and coffee maker repair, but we don’t have enough for really important expenses … What to do?

Solving three problems:
Limit staff access to money / accountant / you.
Let them write written requests for next week’s expenses and submit them on one fixed day.
In the application, in addition to the amount, ask to describe the purpose of the payment, its purpose, and what will happen if we do not pay.
Approve only target expenses, plan important expenses, avoid kickbacks and attempts of theft.
Yes, it does not protect you from direct theft of the product, but it will solve a bunch of other problems.
Save time: 1-2 hours per week instead of regular requests to pay. Do not be distracted every half hour.
It’s harder to fool you. You analyze each application: if prices have risen strongly, it will be easier to notice.
Do not waste money in vain. Immediately all non-earmarked expenses disappear, because now it will not be possible to “miss it”.
Do not spend more than you need. If you do not fit into the budget, then transfer the “tolerant” costs for later.
The only “negative” – ​​on such a system of approval of expenses is difficult to move. Often, employees and usually those who have something to hide resist. But agree, it is better to suffer a few weeks and stop wasting money than to remain “good”, but “robbed”.

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