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Own business: literary agency
At the moment, the publishing business is quite risky and has a long payback period. At the same time, the publisher is always interested in talented writers who can bring…

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How do charitable funds earn
We all often see various advertisements for charitable foundations and organizations: on the streets, promoters hand out leaflets calling for help to tidy away the fading nature, posters with texts…

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How great brands appeared
Speaking now about world-famous companies and brands, it is sometimes difficult to imagine that their founders were once inexperienced start-up entrepreneurs, global trading networks started from a single small shop,…

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Age employees: what the employer needs to know

Elena Sidorenko shares information that is related to the employment of pre-retirement employees in a company: whether additional reporting is necessary for this, what are the features of entering into an employment contract, and whether it is necessary to provide “age-related” workers with special working conditions
In January 2019, new federal laws came into force that were adopted as part of the pension reform. Recall that, in accordance with the innovations, women reach the retirement age of 60 years, men – at 65. In addition to raising the retirement age, the draft law provides additional guarantees of social support for pre-retirement citizens. Continue reading

How not to miss a good employee and not hire the bad – the experience of the company “Mosigra”

Top managers of the network of board games “Mosigra” share their professional experience in the search, selection and hiring of workers: from the selection of resumes to the application of the formula of Ichak Adizes
It happens that HR-specialists in the selection of personnel are guided by their own sympathies, and not by professional opinion and experience in recruiting. Continue reading

Who is robbing you and your company right now

Irina Narchemashvili, CFO of the ATManagement Group, describes three ways to “leak” money from the company and explains how not to let employees steal themselves and stop stealing from themselves
Every month a business loses money that it could not lose. Incorrect work with prices, suppliers and warehouse, lack of marketing, analysis of advertising and sales funnel, poor motivation system with large salaries. Plus mistakes with finances: when we spend someone else’s, we get into bad loans or we don’t control accounts receivable. Continue reading

Loopholes in the law when dismissing dekretnits

In accordance with the current Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the dismissal of a pregnant employee who is on maternity leave, or the mother until her child reaches the age of three years, at the initiative of the employer, is unacceptable. However, there are a number of exceptions in this document, according to which the employer has the right to dismiss an employee on maternity leave. Olga Primova, head of the practice of disputes with state bodies of the Status Quo legal center, lists loopholes in the legislation that can be used when dismissing employees on maternity leave. Continue reading

Seven “deadly sins” of the head, or How not to commit a big boss

20% of the company’s success depends on the employees and 80% on the manager. The leadership style may be different, as well as the tasks of the business itself. But in every case there are general rules, which are vital for a top manager. Nadezhda Givora called the seven “deadly sins” of the leader, getting rid of which you and your team will definitely reach a new level
Sin One: “Nobody Can Do It Better” Continue reading

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What are the most effective ways to protect the rights of entrepreneurs?
Every entrepreneur regularly faces violations of their rights. In a business environment, it is very important to quickly and successfully overcome these obstacles. The question arises: “What is the most…


How to open your recording studio
On the other hand, a new recording studio will certainly encounter competitors who have been on the market for more than one year. And sometimes even the qualitative performance of…


Own business: how to make a movie
How to make a movie? And most importantly - why? The answer to this question from most novice directors sounds like “Inspiration”. A lot of those who just want to…


Own publishing business: children's literature publishing house
Publishing business scares away those wishing to start their own business with a high level of competition, costs and vague prospects due to the active development of the Internet sphere.…