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10 Apple Presentation Secrets
Apple is a brand that does not need a special introduction. They achieved overwhelming success not only because of their high-quality products, but also with their presentations.After all, it is…

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SEO Strategies
Own business: how to make a movie
How to make a movie? And most importantly - why? The answer to this question from most novice directors sounds like “Inspiration”. A lot of those who just want to…

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Who is robbing you and your company right now
Irina Narchemashvili, CFO of the ATManagement Group, describes three ways to “leak” money from the company and explains how not to let employees steal themselves and stop stealing from themselves…

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35 harsh businesses for real men

Waste collection business
On the recovery truck services you can earn from 1 to 5 thousand rubles. for the order depending on the volume of used tanks, the location and contents of the pit and the distance to the customer. You can purchase an assenizator machine for 1-5 million rubles. There is always work to do: it is pumping of septic tanks, cesspools and dry closets, pumping of industrial sedimentation tanks, groundwater and storm drains, and much more.
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20 types of businesses with minimal investment

Lunch delivery to offices
The idea of ​​preparing and delivering lunches to offices is to prepare delicious meals at home and deliver them directly to the workplace to customers. This service becomes for customers an alternative to fast food and containers from home. To open a business for the delivery of ready-made meals, you need a minimum start-up capital – you can meet the 20 thousand rubles, which can not be recouped. Plus the business of delivering business lunches is that it is practically unlimited in scope, because you can work with as many organizations as you like. Continue reading

Internet phone

Students from the Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design (CIID) have created a phone that allows you to go online by reading the content of web pages. Users simply dial the IP address of the website to which they want to access, and dial numbers using the dialing dial in the old-fashioned way, and then wait for a connection to the website, the content of which is read aloud into the handset. No screens and displays – only audio interaction.

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Ready business: advertising on the elevator button on the franchise

The company’s history begins in 2012, when a successful entrepreneur, Yevgeny Zhilenkov, came up with the idea that it was possible to advertise outside the house at home, around the elevator call button. In order to protect a bright idea from competitors, the co-founder of Business Media receives the first patent for an advertising structure with an opening for an elevator call button.

Elevator Button Advertising
Anna Kharitonova, the second co-founder and CEO of the company, took on the innovation idea. Continue reading

Trend Coliving: a new type of luxury hostel

The generation of “millenniums” or people born at the turn of the millennium, all their lives, or most of them, have to live in rented accommodation – this discovery was made for themselves by European and American architects. Unable to acquire housing ownership at prices skyrocketing, young people are literally “squeezed out” from large cities or are forced to live in semi-marginal conditions. Especially when it comes to metropolitan areas such as London or New York. Moreover, as developers have found out, the needs of such young people are rather unassuming, and the level of income cannot be called low. Most of these people are fully solvent and dream of only a small clean living room, a kitchen, as well as access to high-speed Internet via Wi-Fi. Continue reading

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